Very disturbing news! The notorious "Secret Policeman's Ball" benefit series - started in 1976 by Monty Python and their fellow-travelers - has crossed the Atlantic and arrived in the USA! For the first time in the four-decade history of the "Ball" Amnesty International has presented its classic comedy extravaganza live in the USA - with a critically-acclaimed show at New York's Radio City Music Hall. And now "The Secret Policeman's Ball - USA" is being released on Blu-ray and DVD!

The show features the cream of America's contemporary comedians - with appearances by many of Britain's top comics. And guest appearances by members of Monty Python and major movie stars. There's also music from two of the world's greatest bands.

Click here to read undercover reports by agents posing as media!

We must do everything in our power to prevent word about this getting out! Suppression is our watch-word!

Whatever else you do - do not let anyone see these confidential files!

Unfortunately Available Now On DVD & Blu-ray!


It would help
the human rights cause.

(And it might encourage
the comedians...)

There is more comedy and music - created by superstars
to help Amnesty - that you should NOT buy!

Do NOT click here for great
entertainment products that benefit Amnesty!

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